The Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame

The LBHHF Museum And Cultural Center At The Lincoln Theater

Programs and Services

Shades of Heritage And Culture: Music, Film, Theater, Art and History

The Performing Arts Program

The world of performing arts is changing; therefore, we have on staff some of the most highly trained professional artists presenting quality entertainment to the capital city and beyond. From thought-provoking theatre productions, dance programs and recitals, film festivals, and music concerts; our program will enrich the environment we live in by presenting the performing arts for everyone to enjoy.

The Cultural Arts Program

The Cultural Arts Program will focus on areas of the visual arts; sculpture, ceramics, murals, paintings, and arts and crafts. We aim to create an environment that allows artists to thrive creatively. The Lincoln Theater will serve as a space to highlight artistic exhibition programming incorporating artists from local, regional, and national recognition and creating art residency programs for artistic professional development. The Lincoln Theater will be a premier destination for Arts and Culture in the city of Baton Rouge

Youth Training and Mentorship Program

The youth mentorship and training program will position youth to explore their creativity through various aspects of the arts with an emphasis on filmmaking. The program will be designed for diverse exposure to dance/movement technique, music, acting, and production. 

A Concert Hall Of Lincoln Legends and Hall Of Fame Inductees

In honoring The Lincoln Legends, a history of hosting entertainers, performers and leaders on The Lincoln Theater Stage is part of what makes the Lincoln Theater so unique as they stood to audiences to entertain, inform and educate. The Lincoln Theater will work with contacts from local and state entertainment and management booking agencies to secure artists, bands and musicians to play at The Lincoln. We will partner with local, state, and national organizations to make this historical facility an event/visitation destination for visitors. This facility seats 425 guests.

UPSTAGE THEATRE - The Resident Theatrical Company for The Lincoln

Theatrical performances, skits, plays, and monologues can be featured on the Lincoln Theater Stage that will serve as a platform for future actors, actresses and related industry positions. We will partner with local, state and national theatrical agencies. Please visit the our team section to learn more.

The Musicians Plaza At The Lincoln

On the side of The Lincoln Theater’s Green Space, near its basement door, once was a shotgun house where performers stopped to grab a little something to eat or rest. The Lincoln Theater will preserve the spirit of this site where that “little house was located and its spirit of welcoming performers from around Louisiana and other visiting states, as well as the *“Chitlin Circuit”, whose Lincoln Theater doors opened to host and receive the sounds and see the talents of entertainers and performers from around the nation. Many stopped in Louisiana at that Railroad Track by The Lincoln Theater, performed at The Lincoln and visited that “little house”.

Our Legacy Recognitions Program

✔ Lincoln Legends Commemorative Auditorium Seating Plaques
✔ Lincoln Legends Life Size Auditorium Wall Tributes of Performers and Guests.

A Conference Host Site

The power, influence and inspiration of learning, education and knowledge provided through communications of conferences, and special speaking presentations will be a part of The Lincoln Theater provision of programming in the auditorium of this historic building.

The Peace Park

The Peace Park celebrates and promotes efforts of communities to live in peace. The Peace Park will feature The famous Jemison-King photo as the “Peace Sculpture” center of this park.

A Classic Movie Theater

The films shown at the theater will include Weekend Family Films and Documentaries, Special Short Films and Informational Films. Partnering with Louisiana International Film Festival (LIFF), the Film Industry component of The Lincoln Theater, will provide the knowledge, consultants and cinema companies to ensure a successful film industry programming that will show classic and modern-day films and make The Lincoln Theater a Premiere Film Site for the City of Baton Rouge and a mentorship partner for future film makers.

The Lincoln Theater Performing Arts Stage and Auditorium Rentals

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The Lincoln Legends Heritage Festival

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The Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame

The LBHHF will house, preserve, and educate the public on successful Louisiana African American Achievements in a museum setting through educational programs, tours, lectures, Inductee Ceremonies and Special Recognitions.  

Do you have the call to lend a hand?

At the Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame, we rely on dedicated volunteers to fulfill our mission. Volunteers play a vital role in educating visitors, coordinating programs and events, and preserving artifacts. No experience is required to volunteer – just a passion for black history and culture. Weekly and monthly volunteer commitments are available to fit your schedule.