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To make this historical monument and national landmark a performing arts theater and unique museum of history providing world class arts and entertainment, culture and history to the community, state, and nation by having Two Historical Entities Stand As One.


The LBHHF Board of Directors embraced the 1992 Office of Lieutenant Governor’s designation as the Official “Preserver and Keeper of The Chronicles of Louisiana’s Great Black Achievers” for The Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame is the first of its kind in the state. Its initial creation began in 1988…with the founders’ divine inspiration and later, the gathering of the Louisiana Historical Scholars Committee from Southern University and Louisiana State University and founding committee in 1989, they” Wrote the Vision Down: To establish an educational foundation on a proud history symbolizing success through faith and determination and to use its foundation in the campaigning and support of educational advancement.”   For the awareness of successful black history as good works will make a difference through inspiration education. Through this establishment stands the hearts and dedication of many to preserve it for future generations.

The Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame Board of Directors, Advisors, Legacy Partners, Donors, Funders and Supporters presents

Two Historical Entities Standing As One


Our Services To The Community: Programming And Special Events

The Historic Lincoln Theater

Since its establishment in 1949, the Lincoln Theater has remained a beacon of the community and a landmark for the City of Baton Rouge and State of Louisiana. It is preserved and protected ---for The Lincoln Theater will continue to be a historic legacy of culture, heritage, entertainment, and community services for future generations.

The historic Lincoln Theater was built in the 1940s and was a central location for the African American business and social life in Baton Rouge. It is located at 1305 Myrtle Walk in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the corner of Eddie Robinson Sr. Drive. The facility is a 10,800 square feet, two story building that includes executive offices, a barbershop, a performing arts stage and theater that seats up to 500. In addition, the facility has an exhibit room, a front lobby, a café, exhibit space, ticket box reception area and a screening projector room. It was the hosting site for national entertainers from around the United States, civil rights planning meetings and community businesses. It was one of the first African American facilities of elegance during the 1950s. This theater is a historical African American Monument for the city of Baton Rouge and State of Louisiana.

Lincoln Theatre
The Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame Home

The Lincoln Theater is a historical national landmark that serves as a center of inspiration and education through its showcasing of the arts, entertainment, history and culture; and its museum officially “Preserves and Keeps the Chronicles of Louisiana’s Great Black Achievers” through The Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame’s unique presentations of successful African American history to the community, state and nation.

The Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame

A Little History - The Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame has served the state of Louisiana and the city of Baton Rouge through education and historical preservation since 1990. With over 80 Inductees, collection pieces of documents and artifacts, programming materials, exhibits and special presentations, we have compiled a unique collection to preserve and use as a foundation to expand on. The organization has presented special honor programs, induction ceremonies, and exhibits in special presentations, black history camps, workshops and events. The decision to search for a permanent home ended with saving the landmark: The Lincoln Theater. Finally, The Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame could house, preserve, and educate the public in a museum setting through educational programs, tours, lectures and related activities. The dream has become a reality.


This award is given to recognize the contributions achieved by the Inductee and symbolizes the successful passing on of knowledge, education, opportunity, and desire to have the faith and determination to succeed no matter what obstacles try and stop you. From generations to generations, we must continue to pass on these symbols so others can achieve success and dare to dream. The Inductees’ Letters of Achievements stand as “TORCHES OF LIFE” that will forever burn in history to educate and inspire.


These designated documents, artifacts and special collections will be presented in a unique format designed by The Louisiana Historical Scholars Committee and The Louisiana Board of Directors and Museum Exhibits Planning Committee.

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