The Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame

About the louisiana black history hall of fame museum and the cultural center

Our History

The Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame has served the state of Louisiana and the city of Baton Rouge through education and historical preservation since 1990. With over 80 Inductees, collection pieces of documents and artifacts, programming materials, exhibits and special presentations, we have compiled a unique collection to preserve and use as a foundation to expand on.

The organization has presented special honor programs, induction ceremonies, and exhibits in special presentations, black history camps, workshops and events. The decision to search for a permanent home ended with saving the landmark: The Lincoln Theater. Finally, The Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame could house, preserve, and educate the public in a museum setting through educational programs, tours, lectures and related activities. The dream has become a reality.

Educational Offerings

The LBHHF Museum Exhibitions, Displays and Educational Presentations consist of designated documents, artifacts and special collections presented in a unique format designed by The Louisiana Historical Scholars Committee and The Louisiana Board of Directors and Museum Exhibits Planning Committee.

The Torch of Life Award

The LBHHF Inductee “Torches of Life” Award is given to recognize the contributions achieved by the Inductee. It symbolizes the successful passing on of knowledge, education, opportunity, and desire to have the faith and determination to succeed no matter what obstacles try and stop you. From generations to generations, we must continue to pass on these symbols so others can achieve success and dare to dream. The Inductees’ Letters of Achievements stand as “TORCHES OF LIFE” that will forever burn in history to educate and inspire.

Museum Exhibits and Honorees

The Museum features the following Inductee Honor Roll Categories of Achievement:


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