The Louisiana Black History Hall of Fame

Mrs. Helen J. Perry sitting in between Brenda and Ms. Ronnie Edwards at The Purchasing of The Lincoln Theater Signature Event with members of The Board of Directors and Advisory Council.  

The Founder’s Dream of serving began with having meetings around her Mothers’ dining room table with the family to talk about how to help the community and make a difference.  She began Faithful Prayers for the Project for she believed in changing things for the better. In her honor, we called her The Mother of The Movement and had a designated table named the same at The Induction Ceremonies.  

The Mother Of The Movement

Mrs. Helen J. Perry had a few strokes before the team purchased The Lincoln Theater. This was one of our celebration lunches members of The Board of Directors and Advisory Council had with her at Piccadilly (celebrate what? our Dream).  As always, she dressed so beautiful at every event.  

Like so many mothers and fathers in this community, thank you for bringing us to a safe haven —- The Lincoln Theater, especially on Sundays to be together as a family and enjoy all it had to offer.   

To our Mother, Thank you for introducing us to the Arts by ensuring we received Piano Lessons at Beck’s Studio, participated as a member in the Choir at McKinley Sr High School, The McKinley Jr. and Sr. High School Marching Bands, The All Parish Choir, and/or First Emmanuel Baptist Church Choir for she loved Gospel Music. She always made sure all of us had music as part of our lives. 

One day she looked at me and said..."I want to see it with you, but I am tired". She looked at me and I looked at her for a while. No words. We just looked at each other for she was letting me know, through Faith, it will be built.  Almost like she looked at my sister when it was time to go vote for President Barack Obama. 

Thank you, Father God for our mother, Mrs. Helen J. Perry and her Faith.  

Your children—-Brenda, Cherry, Harold and Befelton.